One Planet Thinking

If current population and consumption trends continue, we will soon require the equivalent of two planets to provide natural resources and services humanity consumes in a year.

Exceeding the Earth’s biocapacity to such an extent is possible only in the short term.

The negative consequences of the depletion of our natural capital will grow over time, increasing material risks for companies, including water scarcity, raising prices for commodities, and food and energy security.

How can we stay within the ecological boundaries of our planet?

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The elephant in the room:

setting normative targets for business

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Companies and financial institutions can lead the change

Companies and financial institutions can break the link between economic development and environmental degradation. One Planet Thinking enables companies and financial institutions to align business practices so that they actively contribute to a healthy planet for

future generations.

By adopting One Planet Thinking, companies better anticipate regulatory, operational, as well as reputational risks. One Planet Thinking outlines science-based choices for managing business operations within the planet’s limits. Together we can make the transition.

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children."

One Planet Thinking was founded by WWF, Eneco and Ecofys and is developed by the WWF network in close cooperation with NGO partners such as IUCN NL.

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planetary boundaries

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